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Should be like All Blacks but more like Wallabies

Virat Kohli India T20

A Set small text size A Set the default text size A Set large text size When you weigh up all the advantages that are on India’s side, they should rule the cricketing globe. The newly crowned world’s most populous nation holds all the cards when it comes to cricket’s …

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Wallabies fan confronts Hamish McLennan in France


A trip to Annecy, an alpine town in south-eastern France, this week offered no respite. “We escaped to Annecy to get away from it all and when we got there, we met some Wallabies supporters wearing Wallaby Hawaiian shirts and caps,” he said. “They were pretending to take pictures of …

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Wallabies will bounce back, like all good teams do


Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text size Why this torrential outpouring of gloom and doom regarding the Wallabies (“Precipice of Doom”, September 30)? Australia’s two-time rugby union world champions may just be naturally bottoming through the peak-trough cycle that all sports teams endure. I take hope from soccer’s deposed …

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