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Climate Disasters Threaten to Widen U.S. Wealth Gap

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CLIMATEWIRE | Climate change is expected to exacerbate social inequality in the United States and put millions of people at risk of severe financial distress, according to a new report from the Treasury Department. The findings, released Friday, focused on two sets of data. Using county-level climate projections…

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Monday Briefing: U.S. Aid to Ukraine Is Uncertain

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Ukraine aid is uncertain, as the U.S. avoids a shutdown The U.S. Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown on Saturday by passing a stopgap spending bill to temporarily keep the government open; however, the bill did not include any additional aid for Ukraine. The White House and leaders of both …

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U.S. Heat Deaths Will Soar as the Climate Crisis Worsens


As the climate crisis continues, the U.S. will see heat-related deaths multiply, according to research that scientists say is a sobering reminder of the importance of adapting to rising temperatures and reining in planet-warming pollution. Across more than 100 U.S. cities, nearly 2,000 people died each year from…

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Thursday Briefing: U.S. Soldier Is Out of North Korea

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American soldier who fled to North Korea is in U.S. custody Pvt. Travis King, the American soldier who crossed into North Korea on July 18, was released into U.S. custody yesterday after weeks of diplomacy mediated by the Swedish government, U.S. officials said. King’s first stop after leaving North Korea …

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