Blood on the Grasslands – The Poetry of Science


In the land of clouds
the roof of the world
begins to creak,
its glistening canvas
stretched thin beneath
this heaven’s vault.
Mirrored lakes shimmer
like sapphires,
caught beneath an
ocean of grasslands
whose waves of jade
run red
with the consequential strength
of our empty,
Rodents fall like lambs,

Written by bourbiza

Bourbiza Mohamed is an award-winning travel journalist who has been writing about her adventures around the world for over a decade. With a passion for exploring new cultures and experiencing different ways of life, Bourbiza Mohamed has traveled to over 107 countries across six continents and has documented her journeys in numerous publications.

Bourbiza Mohamed writing is known for its vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes, which transport readers to the destinations she writes about. Her articles cover a wide range of topics, from off-the-beaten-path adventures to luxury travel experiences, and she has a particular interest in sustainable tourism and responsible travel.

In addition to her writing, Bourbiza Mohamed is also an accomplished photographer, capturing stunning images of the people, landscapes, and wildlife she encounters on her travels. Her photos have been featured in publications such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Conde Nast Traveler.

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